001: From A to D

Ferocious Mullet: From A to D

This first album from Ferocious Mullet on Fromatod. An epic journey of synthesis, organic and sampled textures. It includes ambient works, dub rhythms, and electronic mayhem. Features drums played by Emre.


atod-001: From A to D by Ferocious Mullet

Crossover – 2:55 Analogue synthesis tracked to tape. Aww yiss. (MFBC)

QuayTooBox – 6:40 Epic introduction, monster Kurzweil bass. Smooth Drums by Emre and Sax by Charlie. Layered percussion and processing.

Planks of Ealing – 7:48 An electronica dub crossover with a broody moody introduction. Studio Electronics SE-1 Bass doing the business. Great guitar skanks by our man Timmah.  Let the waves wash over you. Great driving music.

Dub Fevah – 5:07 Deeper into the dub wormhole. Some Great electric bass as well as guitar from Timmah here.

No Place to Go – 6:21 A more ambitious arrangement here, listen for the time signatures, percussive takeovers, and outrageous drum programming. Timmah plays the Nylon acoustic to great effect, Dave Knight gets behind the kit, Wayne Banks plays electric bass. He is the man!

Smooth Machine – 5:59 Actually a reworking of a previous 12″ ‘Rough Machine’ on Chi Records. Digital destruction of a magnificent nature. Epic eventide timestretch alg in full effect.

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Planks of Ealing – Ferocious Mullet from Fromatod on Vimeo.