003: TNO

Ferocious Mullet: TNO

The third album from Ferocious Mullet on Fromatod. An exploration of a dark and mysterious apocalyptic sonic place. A dreamesque fusion of warped twisted samples, sculpted brooding textures, with a electronic rhythmic underbelly.  Inspiration drawn from the mayhem and insanity of the human condition. The themes aspire to a  filmic aesthetic but are subverted by moments of paranoia and suspicion within the melodic ideas. These threads of fear are tempered by moments of hope, optimism, and buoyancy.

Two people, two studio locations, many sessions, a whole variety of musical technology including a few bespoke custom crafted technologies were involved in this recording.  Analogue reel to reel tape machines, modular synthesisers and a few freaky DSP processes harnessed to produce this rich and textural EP.

1. Anima Magnetismi 2:43

The sound of magnetic tape. Simply glorious.  A little hero worship of two great individuals; in sound and sample. Keep It Simple: Stupid.

2. Primus Penta 5:31

Textural manipulations and eerie noises open, A rhythmic adventure through groove and texture. Deliciously uneven beats with a tortured aesthetic.  Spooky shenanigans: Five times stranger.

3. Vigilate Vigilum 5:36

Whispering voices, choral textures, and messages from the other side. In this post Edward era: walk the streets under the watchful eye of CCTV and look up in the drone filled skies. It appears Orwell and the tinfoil-hat wearing crusaders have been proven right: how will this knowledge change our exchange of ideas and information? ‘1984’ was not supposed to be the blueprint and manual.

4. Finis Prope Est 6:35

A brooding exploration of layered apocalyptic texture.

5. Triskaidekaphobia 5:58

Funny thing to be afraid of, perhaps more of an exploration of the idea than a statement. An document of observation rather than a piece of biography. Refreshing rhythms exploring numeric possibilities beyond the sedate and usual.

6. Magnetica Finis 2:01

Analogue saturation. A simple reflective conclusion. Melodic and peaceful.

atod 003: TNO

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