002: Mostly Water

Ferocious Mullet ‘ Mostly Water ‘

The second album, equally diverse range of material as the debut album: ambient to stomping in 6 splendid tracks. More electronic rhythms in this production, but tempered by the melodic supreme vocalisations of MyLuv.  Electronica blended with guitar funk and filtered scrunch.

Cover of Mostly Water

Outlander – 4:53

Sourced from urban field recordings from Manhattan on a cold winter day. An interesting link between pitch and time.

Mostly Water – 5:31

Features MyLuv’s vocal talents.

Coordinate – 2:59

A melancholic piece, tripped out guitars and spooky vocal manipulations

Coordinated- 5:50

Another soulful and epic vocal performance from MyLuv. Cut up beats, modulated guitar, and deep bass.

The Spy Who Dubbed Me – 4:49

The most dangerous of tunes. Picks the pace up, epic vocal modulated synthesis, guitars, and a very phased bassline.

The Muncher – 5:46

Angry and Determined. A beast of a tune.



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