We try to explore different themes, concepts, and ideas on each release.

We try to follow a strict source policy, original samples and recordings where possible, hardware synthesis and sampling, original source and processing patches feature heavily.

atod 003: T.N.O.

A beast: darker, moodier, soundtrack to the end: an exploration of introspective warped realities with a blurred twisted aesthetic. A couple

atod 003: TNOatod 003: TNO

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atod 002: Mostly Water

explores the cyclic and electronic, it too presents a narrative starting in the sculpted ambient and concludes with aggressive electronic rhythms.

Cover of Mostly Wateratod 002: Mostly Water







atod 001: From A to D 

presents a journey from a completely analogue piece to a totally digital reinterpretation of early work.



atod 001: From A to D