Discography – Musical Output

Here is the discography for the Ferocious Mullet.

Discography 2000 – 2010 (vaguely)

Cellophane Satisfaction


Cash and Carry

…was the first release as Ferocious Mullet on Chi-Records.  Tough breaks, epic bass, and twisted delays. Quite the ripper.  Hardware synthesis and sampling in full effect. Available from a selection of outlets. 


iTunes – Full Un-edited Version.


We get messages from people who still play it out. Big hello to our Eastern European peeps.  Keep rocking it.

Ruff Machine


The cover of Cup of Chi 7

Second release on Chi, a 4/4 stomper. Epic DSI wavetables unleashed. Gets any disco started. This was eventually re-edited into ‘Smooth Machine’ on our first full Album – From A to D


Cake Whole



Y4K: Uberzone mix, on CD and Vinyl. Organic electronica.

It is worth noting, the Vinyl version is different to the CD version. There is a funny story behind that one, ask me about it some time.

Autoload EP

“The Mullets, psytrance exiles from London, return from the success of their single “Cellophane Satisfaction” with another huge slice of breakbeat stomp. With drums that stutter and march while staying steady enough to keep your audience in the groove, the Mullet boys add sweeping bass notes, subtle live elements and robotic voice samples.”

Other Releases.

Bamba Records (Germany) Under the pseudonym ‘ESR2’ Dub Mumble

“ESR worth having this one. It’s absolutely one of the best chillout tracks I heard recently. You have to hear it! It starts with percussions combined with a melancholic guitar (similar to pink floyd) and slowly becomes more and more psychedelic. “

The same era saw collaboration with Greg Lunar (Coyle) as London Sewer Tour, releasing with Transient and Spiral Trax (AC/DC), Bognor Dub: ‘Mashed Mellow Grooves 4’ ,  Avalanche Records.

Slope Records (Germany)


Obviously there are our three main releases here on Fromatod. ‘From A to D’, ‘Mostly Water’ and ‘TNO’