Ferocious Mullet

Ferocious Mullet:
This pair of MIDIots have been rocking it since the late 90’s. They started out on definite psychedelic trajectory gigging around London, the UK and Europe, playing at the classic 4/4 haunts of the time, many thankfully demolished, mostly due to the structural weakening of the buildings we gigged in. True Story. Boom Festival (2000) of Portugal was the highlight of these times. We gigged under the hilarious name ‘Electric Melon’  (Don’t ask, it was a crazy night when we came up with that one.)

The pace then slowed down and got funky in the early Mullet era, releasing on Chi-Recordings (of Budapest) and getting airplay on Annie Nightingale on Radio 1 + various other European national playlists, Hilarious times were had with the Chi crew in Hungary. (Those guys are awesome.)

There are two releases here on fromatod.co.uk. (for the moment). The first is fairly organic, has real drums and plenty of dub, the second features more electronic rhythms, synthesis, and vocal treatments.

The current state of affairs is melodic, ambient, noodley, funky, filmic, avant-garde, bass obsessed & ‘soundtrack in your mind’ music.  They are widely distributed to all the digital retailers, so check your favourite one.

The current theory is that Vangelis is the patron saint of synthesisers, and should be worshiped as such. atod 003 T.N.O. has now been released!



If you want to read more about our history, click here.

The album artwork was created by the rather talented Robin@BlueQube



Thanks to the following very groovy people.

dinsync.info(modular)     galactichorizon.com(music)

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Italian = Feroce Mullet      Persian = وحشی کفال       Afrikaans=Kwaai Mullet  Bulgarian=Свиреп Мълет     Catalan=Ferotge moll     Japanese=どう猛なボラ