Fromatod presents electronic music created with passion & cups of tea. The home of ‘Ferocious Mullet‘ a source of epic UK electronica for your aural pleasure.

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atod 003: TNO

atod 003: TNO

Wielding tactile synthesisers and samplers, a few instruments, and some kidnapped musicians: the adventurers continue to create authentic and unique electronica.  Using combinations of interesting sources and technology Ferocious Mullet sculpt music which strives to be unique and interesting.




Fresh for 2017: A video for ‘Dr.Sherman’ taken from ‘TNO


A video, mashup of 2001 vs 2010.


The third release on fromatod T.N.O. is introspective and brooding. Featuring plenty of auditory manipulations and post apocalyptic hallucinations this work explores the darker depths of the imagination and human condition.

Triskaidekaphobia‘: Featured on atod 003 ‘T.N.O.’

Triskaidekaphobia: Unlucky for Some. This is a dream infused with bass. Thirteen beats per bar.


The second album ‘Mostly Water’ is a melodic, ambient, and thoughtful collection of pieces. It features the blissful vocal talents of Maya and an array of sculpted electronica.

Mostly Water‘: The title track on atod 002 ‘Mostly Water’


The first album ‘From A to D’ follows a progression from analogue synths tracked straight to tape, through dub influenced productions, and concludes with some digitally altered mayhem.

‘No Place to Go’: Taken from atod 001 ‘From A to D’


Soundcloud is where the ‘odds and sods’ go.

There is now also an additional youtube channel: The Frequency Manipulator which houses equipment tests and tutorials. Fun!